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Requested a Bubbleline sketch from Adventure Time artist, Jen Bennett. She’s sketching all weekend. GO FORTH AND GET ONE OF YOUR OWN AT THE BOOM! BOOTH (2229)


oh my god this whole interview is perfect

but the last two minutes are gold

The Art of Big Hero Six (SDCC ‘14)



To start: I have more pics, but they were crazy strict about cameras, and kinda put the fear of God in me, so I’ll have to rely on my words.

"The Art of Big Hero Six" focused almost exclusively on the design aesthetics and ideals behind the city of San Fransokyo and the healthcare robot Baymax, with a few added tidbits about character color palettes and two never-before-seen clips.

The level of detail in the rendering of the city—which basically uses San Francisco as a base—is unreal, and the colors during the daytime scenes (as attested to by the trailer) are bright and vibrant and wonderful. Most of the panelists—which included Roy Conli, Kyle Odermatt, Paul Felix, Don Hall, Shiyoon Kim, Lorelay Bove, and special guest Ryan Potter—had taken a research trip to Japan, which helped them add many personal details and touches to the city itself. What’s worrisome is that this city seems to be, at its core, a caricatured San Francisco with various Japanese elements added over-top—in other words, not a true “meld” as director Don Hall indicated they were trying to achieve. Time will tell if they do achieve this mesh once it hits the big screen.

The design elements of Baymax were then discussed, including how the character’s face—two circles connected by a line—was achieved when someone brought in a picture of a bell with the same pattern on its bottom. Baymax’s walk cycles were portrayed, and Don Hall said they ordered animators to find the cutest walk possible for the large, inflatable robot. They narrowed it down to three:

  1. A toddler
  2. A toddler with a full diaper
  3. A baby penguin

The last one won out, meaning Baymax moves with short, jerky steps (which can be seen in the trailer).

A summary of the two clips shown follows! If you don’t want slight-spoilers, don’t click.

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Video from the SDCC Comic-Con panel for Dreamworks. Hall H, 2014.

Benedict Cumberbatch makes his first Comic-Con appearance along with Craig Ferguson, John Malkovich, Tom McGrath and more.

Pardon if my video gets shaky! I didn’t have a stand with me. 

Benedict Cumberbatch Comic Con interview with Josh Horowitz, HD (1280x720)


- Is Benedict really Dr Strange? [x]
- Benedict talks Sherlock [x]
- Will we ever see the return of Khan? [x]
- Benedict details his first animated work with Penguins of Madagascar [x]


Unofficial sdcc hobbit panel from


One of the members in our Korra line gifted us with these amazing bags! :D

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